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Report: Magic Still Interested In A Trade For Gilbert Arenas

The rumors of a Gilbert Arenas for Vince Carter trade fizzled pretty quickly, but Ken Berger says Orlando still might have some interest in acquiring Arenas:

A person with knowledge of the Magic's plans said a trade for Gilbert Arenas, the one-time superstar whose reputation took a massive hit with his gun suspension last season, remains a "definite possibility." Smith has a good relationship with Arenas, but a stumbling block could be the fact that Howard has questions about whether Arenas would fit in. If Howard gets the answers he's looking for, there could be legs to the Arenas-to-Orlando scenario.

Orlando GM Otis Smith and Gilbert Arenas have ties dating back to their time in Orlando, so Smith's interest in Arenas is understandable. That said, you can bet he will not do anything that even has a chance of upsetting the big man.

Keep in mind, Dwight Howard isn't just going off what he's read in newspapers and seen on television when it comes to Arenas. He has first-hand experience playing with him, from the 2007 All-Star Game and playing together on the U.S. National Team in 2006.

Howard hasn't shut the door on a trade completely, but it looks like it will take quite a bit of convincing, whether it be from Otis Smith, or Arenas himself, in order for this trade to come to fruition.