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Randy Eaton The "Logical Choice" To Be Maryland's Interim Athletic Director

Now that Randy Eaton has taken the reins as Maryland's interim athletic director, it's important to get to know more about who will be heading up Terrapin athletics during this transition phase.

Jeff Barker has some information on Eaton, who was the athletic department's chief financial officer before his promotion. Part of what made Eaton a good fit is his understanding of Maryland's athletic budget, which is especially important given the squeeze on state funding in recent years. Another factor that made Eaton a good fit is his good standing with everyone in the athletic department, including Gary Williams:

I mentioned that Eaton is not viewed as a polarizing figure at Maryland. It is signficant that the men's basketball program considers him a straight shooter. "Everybody likes him," said a basketball program insider. "He's a solid guy." That is important, of course, given the history of tension between Yow and men's basketball coach Gary Williams.

Although Barker says he doesn't have any indication Eaton will be a candidate for the job on a permanent basis, it looks like the Terps have someone who can keep the ship running smoothly while Maryland searches for a full time replacement.