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2010 Wizards Free Agents: Where Will They Land?

The Washington Wizards enter the 2010 NBA off-season with only six players under contract. With the proposed acquisition of Kirk Hinrich, and the drafting off four rookies (John Wall!), it appears unlikely that the Wizards will bring back many of the faces that Washington fans grew to love (or hate) from last season.

The first player out the door? Mike Miller, who has already stated his desire to play for a contender after laboring for the past five seasons on terrible teams, is rumored to be a strong candidate for the Boston Celtics. According to the Boston Herald:

The Celtics will be equipped on Thursday with their mid-level exception and all of the veteran minimum deals they can throw at people. Expect Mike Miller - the talented wing for the Washington Wizards who once played for Rivers - to be a target.

Other notable 2010 Wizards Free Agents:

Earl Boykins

James Singleton

Shaun Livingston

Josh Howard

Randy Foye (restricted)

I hope the Wizards retain Singleton. He played hard every night, which is more than I can say for most of the Wizards.