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Basketball Coach Gary Williams Part Of Committee To Find New A.D.

Randy Eaton was named the University of Maryland's interim athletic director this week, with the operative word being "interim." Even though he has only held the office for a matter of hours, the school is already assembling the committee that will find his replacement. According to D1scource, it will be made up of people from every aspect of the athletic department.

Maryland's 17-person search committee for its next athletic director includes four coaches with national championships at the school --- including men's basketball coach Gary Williams.

Women's basketball coach Brenda Frese, field hockey coach Missy Meharg and men's soccer coach Sasho Cirovski are also on the committee.

If you were to erect a current Mount Rushmore of Maryland coaches, it would feature those four faces. Anyone questioning head football coach Ralph Freidgen's exclusion from the committee can direct their attention to last season's 2-10 debacle.

Other members of the panel include former basketball star Len Elmore and alum Kevin Plank, the founder and CEO of Under Armour, which just happens to be the school's equipment supplier. The rest of the panel is made up of administrative officials, professors that are involved with the athletic department, and even one student athlete. No word on when the final decision is expected.