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Poll: If John Wall Moves Into The District, Where Should He Live?

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Apparently John Wall wants to live in Washington D.C., and his reasons why are pretty refreshing, via Dan Steinberg.

John Wall wants to live as close to Verizon Center as possible, "so I can come here any time I want," he told reporters. And he also wants to have the sort of all-hours access to the arena's practice court that Gilbert Arenas famously has. Because he's the kind of guy who, like Arenas, sometimes decides he needs to get in the gym at non-conventional hours.

Wizards fans have to love that. Let's take it a step further and try to pick a neighborhood for John to live in. Keep in mind you're house shopping for a young millionaire, so that may change your perspective. The case for each hood after the jump.

Chinatown: You want access to the Verizon Center? We got your access right here. Chinatown is as close as it gets, and there is plenty to do entertainment wise to boot. Plus, there are all those hyper new buildings there that I've always wished I could afford to live in.

Adams Morgan: The night life and jumbo slice capital of D.C. Not sure if living around all the bars is the best idea for the yet to be of age John Wall, who will turn only 20 in September.

Woodley Park: Duh, it's the closest one to the Zoo. It's the only pro I can think of, but it's a pretty compelling one nonetheless; to me at least.

Georgetown: On the other hand, this is only his rookie contract. He might have to wait for his second one to live up on the hill.

Its important to point out that this is an incomplete list, and there are plenty of other great neighborhoods in D.C. that we didn't have the room to mention. Leave any other suggestions you may have in the comments below.