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Report: Add The Angels To The List Of Teams Interested In Adam Dunn

The thing about MLB trade rumors and reports is that they change constantly until either their completion or the trade deadline passes. This new report from Ken Rosenthal confirms that there is interest in Dunn around the league and adds the Angels as another potential landing spot.

The Nationals give no indication that they are willing to trade first baseman Adam Dunn; all they have said publicly is that they want to sign him to a contract extension.

Dunn, though, is on the list of the Angels’ potential trade targets, and the White Sox’s Williams also likes him, major-league sources say.

He also considers what a Dunn trade could mean to the Nats.

As for a trade, the Nats are 14th in the NL in runs even with Dunn and GM Mike Rizzo likely would be open to just about anything. But the Nats like the middle of their order -- Ryan Zimmerman, Dunn and Josh Willingham -- and Rizzo never has been in tear-down mode.

So nobody is saying that Dunn is definitely on the move (especially not the club -- if they say they want to trade him, it will lower his value among other clubs), but at this point it seems like a very real possibility. The Nationals are the type of club that could benefit from trading one of their best players for two or three players who might not be as good, but can fill a few different holes.