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Mike Miller, Who Never Shoots, Calls John Wall A 'Shooters Dream'

Most of us expected Mike Miller to move on to another team this summer after enduring yet another miserable losing campaign with the Wizards. The last time Miller was in the playoffs was 2006, and the last time his team made it out of the first round was ... well, never.

Except now the Wizards have the number one pick, which means they'll likely have John Wall. Because Miller still fancies himself as a shooter, he's excited and now wants to come back, according to CSN's Chris Miller.

Mike Miller told me with the Wizards landing the number one pick it changes everything. He would love to play with John Wall calling him a shooters dream.

Miller is correct: John Wall is a shooter's dream. The only problem is that Miller is no longer a shooter.

Well, in a completely literal sense at least. Miller's definitely still has a great shooting stroke, but there's one problem: he doesn't actually shoot much. Here are his field goal attempts per 36 minutes in every season since 2006, via Basketball Reference.


  • 2006: 12.1
  • 2007: 13.3
  • 2008: 12.0
  • 2009: 8.4
  • 2010: 8.6
And here are his three-point field goal attempts per 36 minutes in that same stretch:
  • 2006: 5.4
  • 2007: 6.5
  • 2008: 5.2
  • 2009: 3.4
  • 2010: 3.4
So yeah, Mike Miller is capable of being a shooter, but he isn't because he, you know, doesn't shoot. You can't really be a good shooter if you don't actually attempt many shots. I may be a fool, but I know that much. 


The good news for Miller? If he comes back, he'll now have one more player he can give the ball to with three seconds on the shot clock instead of taking an open shot.