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Maryland Football Will Open Season On ESPN ... Really?

Was I the only person watching Maryland football last year? Am I going crazy? Or did we all just agree to forget that 2-10 egg the Terps laid last year, and nobody decided to forward me the memo. I ask, because the ACC announced Thursday that Maryland's first game of the season on Labor Day against Navy will be broadcast nationally on ESPN.

So why this game? It doesn't really fit the bill for a nationally-broadcast game. Maryland and Navy share a state, but they aren't really rivals. They play once in a while, so I can't imagine either team harbors any bad blood for the other. There has to be something better going on in that particular time slot that ESPN could cover, is poker not happening anymore? i thought that was their go to.

I'm a big Maryland football fan and am excited to be able to see my team on TV, as opposed to last year when so many games where blacked out. I'm just not sure I want anybody else to be able to see them - not after last year. Lest we forget what happened last time Maryland started their season on national TV, last year's opener at Cal. Jahvid Best put together a career's worth of highlights in that game.

I just hope the Terps show up this time, because I, and everybody else, will be watching.