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First Inning: Play Ball!

  • We just heard that the team Strasburg is facing today has the highest batting average in the league, so it should be at least some competition for him. Or maybe not.
  • Strasburg, as he has throughout the minors , looks really comfortable on the mound.
  • First two pitches, 97 mph fastballs that missed for balls.
  • Bumps it up to 98 on the next pitch, a called strike, 2-1.
  • A fastball with good movement away gets slapped to the shortstop, easily handled onto first for the first out of the game.
  • Strasburg keeps a quick pace, he is not going to make this live blog easy on me.
  • Strasburg falls behind second batter 2-0 also.
  • Little chopper to third base for the second out. So far two ground ball outs, that’s his game.
  • First pitch to the third batter is a curveball with incredible 12-6 movement that misses low for a ball. I can see a lot of batters swinging and missing at that pitch.
  • Gets up to 99 mph as he blows one right down the middle past the batter.
  • The announcer calls it a “Good old fashioned country fastball,” I wasn’t aware that was a thing, learn something new everyday.
  • Disgusting curveball on the outside black for a called third strike. Inning over.