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Second Inning: Working The Corners

  • Batters do not look enthused to step into the box today.
  • He is not afraid to go inside, a 98 mph ball misses inside.
  • I can't imagine what its like to see 98 mph on a line, than a sharp hook on the very next pitch. Can't be a comfortable feeling
  • If a change up is 91 mph, is it still a change up? That's almost 20 mph faster than Livan Hernandez's fastball.
  • Batters are clearly guessing, a lot of last minute swings.
  • Another yakker in the dirt that earns a swinging third strike. Announcer, "that's not fair"
  • Strasburg appears to be nibbling a little bit, throwing a lot more balls than he has thus far. But he has made it clear he can throw strikes when he needs to.
  • Pop-out to third on an unremarkable at bat, two out.
  • A lot of guys can throw 97+ on the fastball, but it seems like Strasburg ONLY throws 97+.
  • He follows that up with another curveball, and a ground out to short. I wanted to say that with all the balls he didn't look sharp, but then again, he's perfect through two innings.