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Third Inning: Minor Trouble, Get it!?

  • Strasburg's inning actually starts in the top half, he's batting with one out and nobody on.
  • Struck out on three pitches, watching the last two. Don't quit your day job Stevie. That's fine though, your ability at the dish is soooo not why you are here.
  • Play by play guy's name is Duke McGuire, that has to be made up.
  • How about some run support? A two-run home run give Strasburg some breathing room.
  • Alright, back on the mound where he belongs.
  • I haven't seen him leave too many pitches up in the zone. If he's missing, he's missing low. That's a very good sign.
  • Then again he isn't missing that often. He is falling behind some guys, but it looks more like he is baiting them to swing.
  • Reaches back and throws a 96 mph strikeout at the knees for another K. Overpowering stuff in the bottom of the zone is not easy for hitter's to handle.
  • Next batter, first pitch swinging and another ground out. Strikeouts are nice, but that is a pitcher's best friend.
  • Announcers are imploring the opposing pitcher to just watch three strikes and go back to the dugout before he hurts himself. Can't say that's a bad idea.
  • Strasburg still nibbling which I don't understand against the opposing pitcher. he should be going right at him.
  • Walks the opposing pitcher for the first base runner of the game. Manager immediately comes out of the dugout for a chat. Those are some high standards.
  • Announcers are citing his body language, he looks like he is squeezing it a little bit. Thats probably what the manager talked to him about.
  • No more no no. Next batter loops a single into left field. I wouldn't call it trouble, but we'll see if Strasburg can get out of it.
  •  Announcer banter, color guy: "He can't pitch from the stretch," play-by-play, "I don't think that's right..."
  • Another looped hit to left field but this one finds the fielder's glove. Inning over, but Strasburg appears to be human. What a let down.