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Fourth Inning: That Was Fast...

  • So we had a little trouble in the last inning, hopefully he shows the batters this inning that success is not to be expected.
  • Very few pitches are seeing the middle of the plate. He has been either inside our out, which is exactly how you want to be.
  • Another ground out. Its not sexy, but boy is it effective.
  • There hasn't been a single batter who can catch up to the fast ball. Lots and lots of foul balls. Extending the at bat is a moral victory at this point.
  • Little bit of indecision on what to throw for the strikeout up 0-2. That's a little surprising given his arsenal.
  • Announcers just cleared up that he is still getting used to calling his own game and that maybe that's why he is having some issues, thanks guys!
  • A long fly ball out to left caught on the warning track. Batter made contact, but he was clearly off balance. Even the guys who are putting the ball in play aren't getting an awful lot behind it. 
  • Another sharp breaking ball makes a spectator of the last batter of the inning. Not even a flinch. That's an awfully good way to bounce back after a (relatively) tough inning in the third.