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Fifth Inning: Very Good If Not Dominating

  • Strasburg at the plate again in the 5th, this time he pokes a single into right field. I take it all back, you can hit whenever you want to.
  • On first, he has a kind of, "Yeah I didn't know I could do that part either" smile on his face.
  • After a hit and a walk, Strasburg scores from third on a fielder's choice back to the pitcher. I guess that's a good thing for Syracuse Chiefs baseball, but it doesn't really apply to this analysis. 
  • Fans in the stands wearing a Ken Griffey jersey. I don't think its an homage to his retirement, I think its just the only baseball jersey he owns.
  • First pitch breaks from about the shoulders down to the knees. Batter buckled even though it was on the outter half. 
  • There's the first really solid contact anyone has made against him, a line drive single to left center field. back to the stretch which appeared to give Strasy some trouble in the third.
  • I said it earlier, but there is a lot of guessing going on with these hitters. It looks like they aren't ready for a lot of these pitches.
  • A harmless fly out to center. As these innings have progressed, we've seen more pop-outs than we did in the first couple innings, but its entirely possible that I'm just nit-picking.
  • Bounces on in front of home plate that the catcher is able to block, first real miss of the day.
  • Some of these hitters are getting long at bats, but it looks like they are mostly just trying to stay alive.
  • Single chopped over the first baseman's head. He got a groundout, just got unlucky it was hit in an awkward way. Men on first and third now.
  • Opposing pitcher back up, I expect Strasburg to go right after him this time after walking him in the last at bat.
  • Another breaking ball paints that outside corner. He didn't go right after him, but he got the K nonetheless. That's 5 strikeouts on the day if you're scoring at home.
  • Watching a minor league game is a weird experience, there's a lot of guys I have heard of ... kind of. 
  • Curveball forces a swing that would have pulled every muscle in my body if I had made it.
  • We got somebody warming up in the bullpen, that means this is probably it for Strasburg.
  • Easy ground ball to second. Like really easy, it was rolling by the time it got there. Gotta love that.
  • Inning over, a little bit of trouble, but he's out of it squeaky clean, yet again. Hard to grade this inning, a couple guys got on base, but he made the three guys he got out look really, really bad.
  • We'll see if he comes back for the six, my bet is no.