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Recap: Strasburg Looks Ready

  • Strasburg got pinch hit for, so his day is over. I've never heard such negative reaction from a crowd over a pinch hitter. 10,000 people just realized they are at a minor league baseball game, they are understandably bummed out.
  • Strasburg clearly has the stuff to compete at the major league level, but we already knew that. His fastball is consistently north of 96 and has excellent movement. His curveball has a ton of break on it, and he doesn't appear to have any trouble locating it. His change up will keep hitters off balance.
  • I am very impressed with how he keeps the ball down, and on the sides of the plate. You can have the best stuff in the world, but if you leave it up or down the middle major league hitters will hit it.His location looks to be very good if not excellent.
  • He got a lot of groundouts, which is what you want from your starting pitcher.
  • O, and the five strikeouts helped too.
  • My only complaint is that at times he appeared to be nibbling around hitters. He has such dominating stuff, he shouldn't be afraid to go right after guys. But I have complete faith that with some time in the majors and some confidence he will start to be more aggressive. Which is a scary thought for hitters
  • Announcer: "He is pretty much as advertised." Couldn't agree more.
  • All in all, 89 pitches, 0 runs, and one very impressed blogger. Next stop, Washington!