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Channel Surfing Guide: June 3, 2010

Although the local sports schedule is rather bare, here are tonight's recommended viewing options (all times EDT):


7:00 p.m. - Syracuse Chiefs @ Buffalo Bisons (Replay), MASN. In case you have a job and missed Stephen Strasburg's final minor league start earlier this afternoon, MASN will air the replay. Don't miss it.


7:00 p.m. - Texas Stars @ Hershey Bears, AHL Live. Unfortunately, you need to own AHL Live to watch Game 1 of the AHL Calder Cup finals. If not, be sure to join Japers' Rink for the live game thread.


9:00 p.m. - Celtics @ Lakers, ABC. Some guy named Kobe Bryant will begin his Finals quest for a fifth NBA title.


7:30 p.m. - "Seinfeld," TBS. It's true that I'm always recommending Seinfeld as a viewing option. I'm one-dimensional like that. It's also true, however, that "The Soup Nazi" is perhaps the greatest episode of all time.


8:00 p.m. - "Sandra Bullock Revealed," E!. Sometimes, titles are misleading. Sometimes, you get lucky. Tune in to find out.


8:00 p.m. - "My Cousin Vinny," Fox Movie Channel. Learn about the distinction between "yoots" and "youths."