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Is It Time For Drew Storen To Close? Part II

Just yesterday, Mike posed the above question for your morning commute reading pleasure.

What's changed since then? Matt Capps blew yet another save against the lowly Astros, this time surrendering a walkoff two-run home run to Carlos Lee in the bottom of the ninth as the Nats lost, 6-4.

Before we throw Capps under the bus, let's not lose sight of the fact that he still leads the MLB with 17 saves in 20 opportunities, a fairly respectable success rate.

But let's face it: Capps was signed as merely a placeholder for Drew Storen. A stopgap closer, if you will.

Sure, like any baseball player, closers are prone to bad stretches, and ending a slump is often mental more than anything else.

But with Capps struggling, the Nationals suddenly drifting further and further from .500, and Drew Storen meeting (if not exceeding) expectations, judgment day may arrive sooner than originally anticipated.

The Nationals organization is simply hoping that it happens after June 22, "Clipp & Save T-Shirt Day," to save from embarrassment.