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Live-Blogging Stephen Strasburg's Final Minor League Start

My name is Jordan Ruby and as a labor of love to all those stuck in an office today without access to a television, I will be live-blogging Stephen Strasburg's final minor league start before his scheduled promotion to the parent club next week.

I will be giving updates pitch-by-pitch, inning by inning. We'll look at everything from how he looks and what he's throwing, all the way down to the flavor of sunflower seeds he chews on (my money is on ranch, but I wouldn't be surprised to see BBQ).

In the interest of time, and well, interest, I am only going to be talking about what Strasburg is doing, so I apologize to those of you who are legtimately interested in the results of the game itself. But lets be honest, we're all tuning in for Strasburg, right?

So keep it locked on this stream if you want to see the future of Nationals baseball in his last start before he becomes the present of Nationals baseball.