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Atlanta Braves Show Interest In Acquiring Josh Willingham

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According to’s Jon Morosi the Atlanta Braves are seeking an upgrade to their degrading outfield situation and the Nationals’ Josh Willingham is one of the likely targets.

Atlanta officials are considering Josh Willingham (Washington), Corey Hart (Milwaukee) and Jose Bautista (Toronto), but it doesn’t appear that any deal is imminent.

Willingham is a free agent at the end of the season, like fellow slugger Adam Dunn, and with a reasonable contract number of $2.3 million he should draw the interest of several teams up until the trade deadline. However, with possible rookie of the year candidate Jason Heyward on the DL with an injured hand, the Braves might have to act quickly to fill the void in their outfield.

Making a trade inside the NL East to keep the Braves’ playoff hopes alive might mean they would have to pay some sort of a premium in terms of prospects. How much the 31 year old outfielder is worth to the Braves and who the Nationals might ask for in return is still unknown at this point.