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Redskins' Fans Are Not Interested In Mortgaging The Future For Vincent Jackson

Vincent Jackson is a very good NFL wide receiver. However, despite his skill, Redskins' fans at Hogs Haven are voting overwhelming that the Redskins should NOT trade a future first round pick to acquire Jackson. Currently, 86% of the people voting on the proposed trade think it's a bad idea. Kevin Ewoldt's take:

A lot of teams have been calling the Bolts, including the Seahawks, but it's reassuring the Redskins haven't jumped the gun on this. The old regime would have easily sent our 1st round pick over by now - probably more. The Redskins do have some expendable players to throw in the trade - Carter and Fat Al to name two. I do have to say, I will be floored if they trade away their 1st round pick. The Redskins already are without their 3rd and 4th picks - losing a top 2 pick with the current age of this team would be a Dagger. Trading two 2nd round picks (2011, 2012) is an option, but honestly, McNabb has done better with far worse WRs. Given the age of the team, we won't know what holes are a major concern until next March. SAVE THE DRAFT PICKS.

With fans finally beginning to regain trust in the front office, this is the exact trade that I would avoid making if I were the Redskins. As Kevin points out earlier in the post, Santonio Holmes was only worth a 5th round pick to the Steelers, so any request from the Chargers for a 1st round pick should be discounted immediately.