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Report: Detroit Lions Will Not Trade For Albert Haynesworth

It seems like nobody wants Albert Haynesworth. The Washington Redskins are still trying to trade the much maligned defensive tackle, but are having an awful lot of trouble finding a taker. Add the Detroit Lions to the list of teams that are no longer considering a trade for Albert, via Jason LaCanfora.

Lions no longer mulling any trade for Albert Haynesworth. Have determined he'd be a possible negative influence on Suh.

I have to be at least a little shocked that the Detroit Lions are making a smart roster move, right? This is so out of character for them.

Of course Haynesworth would be a bad influence on Suh. He would likely stunt his football growth by refusing to play a complimentary role to the rookie that the Lions are hoping will be the face of their defense. Its the right move not to trade for Haynesworth, I'm just surprised the Lions made it.