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Free Agent Mike Miller May Return To The Wizards

Michael Lee is reporting that Mike Miller, who will become a free agent just after midnight tonight, is open to a return to Washington.

Miller said that he would consider coming back for another run. "I haven't at all," Miller said in a recent telephone interview, when asked if he has ruled out a return. "Unfortunately, we had an up and down experience last year, but I love the coaching staff, the front office and Ted Leonsis knows what it takes to help get organizations back on a winning track. I've been in contact with them back and forth. When they got the No. 1 pick, it made things a lot better.

Again, we see the influence John Wall can have on a franchise. Miller went through one of the most dysfunctional seasons in the history of baseketball, and yet, is not running out the door as soon as possible. He's open to coming back to the team, and one would think that has a lot to do with the prospect of playing with Wall.

More from Miller on what he is looking for in a landing spot.

"You want to be in the best spot to win, but it's obviously a little different for those guys [James, Johnson, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, etc.], because they know they are going to get the money and be in good spots to win," said Miller, who is a career 40.5 percent three-point shooter. "For the second-tier guys, do you try to get more money or do you try to win? It has to be something to win, because that's what we're in for."

Because of his shooting and versatility, Miller will likely be a hot commodity on the free agent market among teams with only the mid-level exception to spend. He would be an excellent addition to any contributor because of his ability to blend in and hit shots.