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Report: 'There is nothing to the Adam Dunn story'

Nationals beat reporter Bill Ladson sent out a pair of tweets Wednesday that should make Nationals' fans who were worried about losing Adam Dunn rest a little bit easier.

The first in regards to the rumor that Dunn was being targeted by the White Sox:

I was also informed that #Nats GM Mike Rizzo never talked to #Whitesox GM Kenny Williams about Adam Dunn.

The second adresses Dunn's situation more emphatically

I was told, "There is nothing to the Adam Dunn story."

Well, I certainly hopes this turns out to be the case because we all know the Nationals can need hitting and runs and Dunn can certainly provide some of those. But with the trade deadline still about a month away, this story is bound to change a few more times before we know the ending.