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Alcoholics and Soccer Fans Rejoice

The DCist reported on Tuesday that the DC City Counsel passed regulations allowing bar owners to open at 7am. I almost spilled my beer in excitement reading this.  

Via DCist:

The legislation allows bars to register with the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration and pay a flat fee so that they can open at 7 a.m. from June 11 to July 11, but liquor serving hours will remain unchanged.

Don't freak out about that last part like I almost did. Bars in DC can start serving beer at 8am. This means you may first scarf down a tasty breakfast, thus providing a good base for the copious amounts of alcohol you will consume while watching the day's matches.

Good for the DC Council for making the correct decision here. I'm not the world's biggest soccer fan, but I'm pretty sure getting blindingly drunk during a match is about 80% of the fun of watching the sport. Well, that and singing, but singing is usually brought upon by getting completely blitzed so you see why booze is such an integral aspect to the game.

I, for one, will be sure to make it out for the festivities.