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Cristian Guzman's Right Field Experiment Must End.

When you're done watching Cristian Guzman's game-changing error from Thursday afternoon, consider for a moment that with Elijah Dukes, Justin Maxwell, Roger Bernadina, Willie Harris, Willy Taveras, Mike Morse and Guzman all given a chance to win the RF job in the nation's capital, after 55 games no one has claimed the position as their own.'s Mark Polishuk reminded everyone last night that there are right fielders available out there, and he included the Washington Nationals on a list of teams that might want to consider revisiting the David DeJesus trade talks with the Kansas City Royals. DeJesus' .300/.381/.465 slash line would be a significant improvement over any of the right fielders the Nats have thrown out there this year and provide one very significant benefit:

"DeJesus' presence would eliminate the need to put Cristian Guzman in right as a defensive replacement, thus preventing critical errors like the one that cost Washington this afternoon."

Guzman as a defensive replacement in right? Yes, it happened. Jim Riggleman did it. Asked why by Washington Post writer Adam Kilgore, (@adamkilgoreWP), the Nats' Skipper explained:

"Jim Riggleman could have played Morse in right. Stuck with Guzman because he's faster and has played RF more (30 2/3 INN to 20 2/3)."

DeJesus has 83 games of experience in RF?