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Morning Commute: The Winter Classic Would Only Make Sense At Nats Park

Stuck in DC traffic? Here's your daily morning roundup.    

Yeah, I know, the Capitals and the NHL are just doing their due diligence in trying to find a venue for the future NHL Winter Classic in DC. At the same time - is there really any reason to hold this event anywhere other than Nationals Park?

I say no. Sure, they could do it at RFK Stadium, but that place is old. They're technically keeping Baltimore venues open as an option, but how could you have a Caps-Penguins Winter Classic game in Baltimore? I guess they could do it at FedEx Field, but while that stadium holds more people, it's also not in DC. 

That leaves Nationals Park, which is good by me. It's the newest stadium in the city, and it needs some event to give it a boost. The Nationals want it there, and I don't blame them. It'd be great for the city and it seems to fit all the qualifications the NHL needs. So yeah, make it happen, guys.

Otherwise, here's what's going on in the SB Nation world today:


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  • Hogs Haven talks to former Redskin Clint Didier about his fight to win a spot in the US Senate.
  • Japers Rink evaluates Jeff Schultz's season. In summation: great regular season, bad playoffs. 
  • Testudo Times is psyched that only one Maryland football game is scheduled to be on ESPN3 this year.
  • According to Casual Hoya, Georgetown is going to play Tulane next year.
  • Federal Baseball recaps last night's loss to the Astros and Stephen Strasburg's final minor league start.
On tap for today: It's Friday, so column-writing is light, but be sure to check out Alex's explanation for why he changed allegiances from the Orioles to the Nationals.