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Caron Butler Is Dressed to Kill ... And To Ball

Caron Butler went up to Bristol, CT to film a First Take episode with ESPN. During his time there, he proved that he can still take the twenty footer, even when nattily attired.

The video then proceeds to his sit down interview, where Caron provides some great insight into the upcoming 2010 Free Agent Bonanza.

Interviewer- "Have you had any converations with him (Dirk)about his future?"

Caron - " Naw, no, I try to stay away from that and just talk about basketball."


Interviewer - "Do you have any idea where Lebron may be going?"

Caron - "No idea."


So I've come to the conclusion that Caron should have spent last year playing for the Wizards in a three-piece suit. Because during the entirety of that video, there was nary a jab step or pump fake to be seen.