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Redskins Players: Accurately Rated Or Ridiculously Overhyped?

The Redskins Blog posted an interesting article today in which it asks the public who is the Redskin's most accurately-rated player. The question is derived from an article published by Chuck Klosterman (author, former Spin scribe, bugbear of Bill Simmons) in which he considers not if an individual is overrated or underrated, but if the common public perception accurately reflects their abilities. To explain further:

"Nobody thinks they're better than they are, and nobody thinks they're worse. They have the acceptable level of popularity, they have attained the critical acclaim their artistry merits, and no one is confused about their cultural significance."

Oh Chuck, you with your highfalutin lit-crit theory! Find out who a panel of fans, media, and bloggers thought were the most accurately rated Redskins after the jump.

The most accurately rated Redskins in descending order of "accuracy" were the following:

London Fletcher

Casey Rabach

Chris Cooley

Santana Moss

Donovan McNabb

LaRon Landry

Now, I'm a wee bit shocked that nobody considered Albert Haynesworth's artistic merits before answering this poll. The man is a Picasso both on and off the field.