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The Stephen Strasburg, VA Movement Is Spreading Like Wildfire

Earlier today, we told you about the movement to change the name of the town of Strasburg, Virginia to Stephen Strasburg, Virginia. Throughout the day, the movement has gotten more recognition from media outlets.

Big League Stew interviewed Strasburg town council member, and noted pro-name change advocate Justin Ritenour. WHSV-TV in nearby Harrisonburg has an article up on their website about the potential name change, with quotes from Strasburg's town manager. And then there's this nugget via J. Freedon du Lac of the Washington Post:

The mayor of Strasburg, Va., tells me that he wants to rename the town "Stephen Strasburg, Va." for a week. Wouldn't be permanent.

This is getting serious, folks.

According to my math, that's three prominent members of Strasburg government speaking out about renaming the town, even if only for a week to Stephen Strasburg, VA. Oh, and if you happen to check out the town of Strasburg's website, there's this message:

Rename Strasburg? Hummm...

What's all the buzz about renaming the Town of Strasburg?  Click here for more information, or click here to follow on Facebook. Oh, and don't forget to attend the Council meeting on June 8, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. It's sure to be a sell-out!

As awesome as all of this news is, I'm a bit concerned by the timing of Tuesday's meeting. I understand most of the town council have 9-5 jobs to take care of, but shouldn't they be able to find a way to address this issue before Strasburg's first pitch?