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Ivan Rodriguez Unlikely To Start For Strasburgmania

Our dreams of seeing a sure future Hall of Famer catch for the prospective greatest pitching phenom of our generation took a minor step back today.

Even though Ivan Rodriguez’s stint on the 15-day disabled list will technically end on June 8, MASN’s Ben Goessling reports that he may not be back in time to start for Stephen Strasburg’s Nationals debut.

“We would like for him to catch a game, probably in (Single-A) Potomac, before he catches here,” Riggleman said. “He might not do that until Tuesday, or even Wednesday. But if he was able to do that on Sunday or Monday, it’s possible he would be back here for Tuesday.”

Rodriguez is set to return at some point next week. It just might not be for the biggest baseball game in D.C. since Opening Day 2005.

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