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Half Smokes Highlights: Donovan McNabb Is Already Getting Sacked

Each weekend, we'll take a look at some of the best D.C. related videos the internet hast to offer with Half Smokes Highlights.

When Donovan McNabb was acquired earlier this year, many analysts and fans quickly pointed out that the offensive line would need to improve in order to protect the team's new investment. We've seen the Redskins do their best to shore up the line by drafting Trent Williams and adding some extra bodies through free agency.

It's a shame they can't protect McNabb within the comforts of his own home, where he's susceptible to crushing hits from the likes of Michael Strahan.

I'd be upset, but it's hard to get too mad at McNabb for taking that sack without being hypocritical. If someone showed up at your doorstep with free pizza, you'd probably open the door too.