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Half Smokes Heroes: The Nationals' Ticket Office

Each weekend Half Smokes Heroes will pay some respect to a group or individual flying under the radar who has gone above and beyond the call of duty during the week.

Every job comes with one week that always seems to be more stressful than the rest. For employees of the Nationals' ticket office, this would be that week. First, they had to deal with angry customers upset that the tickets they bought for June 4 were useless. Though the ticket office wasn't at fault for building up premature hype for Strasburg's first start that wasn't, I'm sure they still took a lot of flak from upset fans. Then, they had to deal with a new rush of fans trying to purchase tickets for Strasburg's actual debut on June 8, some of whom you can be sure were the same people voicing their complaints just days, if not hours beforehand. 


For surviving what has to have been an extremely stressful week with class and dignity, we award the first Half Smokes  Heroes to the Nationals' ticket office.