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If John Wall Goes Number One, He'll Need A New Number

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If Washington Wizards fans get their way, John Wall will be the next Wizards legend.


But he won't be doing it while wearing his usual number 11 jersey. That's because another Wizards legend already beat him to it.


Hall of Famer Elvin Hayes wore the number 11 for the Bullets from 1972-1981. He helped lead the Bullets to three NBA Finals appearances and one championship, and the Bullets honored him by retiring his number.


If the Wizards draft John Wall later this month as expected, he won't be able to wear the number 11 as he wore in college at Kentucky. Wizards Extreme has the full breakdown of possible number choices for Wall.  But one thing's for sure. You might not want to go running out and ordering those customized jerseys just yet.