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Before They Were Famous: Bruce Boudreau

Trading cards are one of the of the cornerstones of true sports fandom. I defy you to find a sports fan who at one point or another hasn't been totally mesmerized by a card of their favorite player. As you collect cards, you can keep up with the stats and appearances of players during their athletic journeys.

Every once in a while, a card comes along that provides a small glimpse into the life of a famous sports figure before they hit the big time. Such is the case with this card from 1990 of a player from the Fort Wayne Comets who you may recognize (HT: Japers Rink).


Keep in mind that photo was taken 20 years ago and Bruce is 55 today, so that means he was already deep into male pattern baldness at the age of 35. But I have to say, he wears the bald look quite well, both now and then.

Remember this card if you go fishing with Bruce this August.