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Report: Bryce Harper Will Likely Play In The Outfield

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More and more sources are reporting that the Nationals have almost certainly settled on Bryce Harper as their first overall pick in the draft tomorrow.

According to Bill Ladson of, General Manager Mike Rizzo knows who he is going to select, he just isn’t telling anybody yet.

The projected number one pick played primarily as a catcher at the College of Southern Nevada, but Ladson is reporting that the Nationals will likely be moving Harper to the outfield.

If Harper is drafted by Washington, according to a baseball source, he will most likely become an outfielder. The team believes that Harper is an above-average outfielder with speed. He can play center and right field. Harper still needs to work on his catching skills.

Our dreams of Stephen Strasburg on the mound and Bryce Harper behind the plate may not come to fruition, but having these two on the same team will still be plenty fun to watch.