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Caron Butler Makes His Return To Washington ... Riding A Bike With A Prince

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When Caron Butler was traded to the Mavericks back in February, most Wizards fans said farewell with conflicted emotions. The trade signaled the ending of a failed era of Wizards basketball and the beginning of a new one with renewed hope. But there was also some profound sadness, because he gave Washington some great memories as a Wizard and he provided us with Tough Juice, the best moniker D.C. has ever seen.

The Mavericks haven't played at the Verizon Center since Butler's trade so Wizards fans haven't had an opportunity to give Caron a proper ovation for his time as a Wizard yet. If you can't wait until next season to give Caron some respect, you have an opportunity this morning, that is, if you can spot the NBA athlete in the group of bicyclists in D.C. today

Caron is in town to promote "more bicycle-friendly America for children" but he's not the only celebrity in town. The Crown Prince of Denmark is making a guest appearance. In addition to being bike enthusiasts, Caron and the prince have excellent taste in fashion, but I much prefer Caron's classy fur coat to the Crown Prince's regal garb.