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Looking Back At The Best Of SB Nation D.C.'s Beta Period

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As you've probably noticed, SB Nation D.C. was not empty when you signed on this morning. That's because we have been working hard for the last couple of weeks to make sure this place was stuffed full with content as soon as you clicked on it. It was our "beta" period, if you will. 

The negative side effect to that, though, is that some really great content has been pushed off the front page. Below the jump, a list of our favorite stuff from the SB Nation D.C. beta period.


-Our largest stream, of course, chronicled Stephen Strasburg and the hoopla surrounding his Major League debut. Click here to track all 21 updates to this stream, going all the way back to when he was supposed to start on June 4 (funny how that worked out). 

-We've also been on top of the Santana Moss HGH allegations in this stream.

Half Smokes:

-We had several different Half Smokes Hypotheticals, but this one asking you to compare Alexander Semin to one current or former DC athlete was our favorite. 

-There are many reasons why DC United has such a huge following in this town, but stuff like this really explains a lot. 

-If you wanted to get tickets to the June 4 Nationals game that afternoon, you hardly had to pay a premium.


There were a lot of really amazing features published last week. Here they are:

-Brian Murphy relayed a message Ted Leonsis learned from Red Auerbach and how it applies to the current state of the Wizards.

-Jordan Ruby recapped the week that was in local high school sports last week in the first of his regular Wednesday high school features.

-The area surrounding Nationals Park hasn't improved as much as city developers hoped when they first built it. Sean Fagan examines the issue here.

-Alex Reed tells us why he finally decided to leave the Orioles and become a Nationals fan.

-B.J. Pierson published the first edition of his Monday morning D.C. Talking Points.

So there you have it - the best of the SB Nation DC beta period. Enjoy!