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Report: Albert Haynesworth Will Attend Redskins' Mandatory Workouts

After an offseason headlined by change in the organization, consistent trade rumors, and even a multi-million dollar paternity suit, Albert Haynesworth is finally ready to play some football again. Jason La Canfora reported on NFL Network that Albert Haynesworth will be attending the teams upcoming mandatory mini camp.

This was always Haynesworth's plan, according to La Canfora; to skip all the voluntary workouts and report to the team when attendance is required, and any absences result in fines.

While fans and those in the organization would have liked Haynesworth to attend the non-mandatory workouts as a sign of good will for the upcoming season, it is well within his rite to skip the voluntary workouts if he chooses to. In fact, the league would have to fine the Redskins if they even so much as implied that his absence from those workouts affected his standing on the team in any way.

How Hayneswroth will handle his transition to nose-tackle in new defensive coordinator Jim Haslett's 3-4 defensive scheme remains to be seen. Hopefully he can pick up his new position quickly, even after getting such a late start.