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Stephen Strasburg's Debut, First Inning: The Kid Looks Unflappable

Ken Burns has thrown out the ceremonial first pitch, and we're underway.

  • Simply seeing that many fans in the stands at a Nationals game has given me goosebumps. Wonder how Strasburg feels?
  • First pitch: fastball inside for a ball. Fans are not happy. Booing, even. What a bust!
  • McCutchen absolutely crushed a line drive to short. Good thing Ian Desmond got in the way.
  • The movement on Strasburg's "slurve' is frightening.
  • 96 MPH sinker to Neil Walker. Are you kidding me?!
  • Groundball out for Walker. Expect to see a lot of those for the Pirates today.
  • 99 MPH on the fastball, 79 MPH on the breaking ball, both to Lastings Milledge.
  • First major league strikeout. 83 MPH curveball. Absolutely unhittable. Poor Milledge, the kid never stood a chance.
  • Three up, three down. Simple formula.
  • Strasburg got through the toughest inning: the first of his career. The kid looks unflappable.