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Stephen Strasburg's Debut, Second Inning: Three More Strikeouts

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  • Ryan Zimmerman hit a solo shot in the bottom of the first to stake the Nats to a 1-0 advantage. With Strasburg on the mound, I guess the Nats hitters can just take the rest of the day off.
  • Rob Dibble does not approve of the umpire speaking with a pitcher in between innings, and in a rare moment, I agree with the Nats' color commentator. Why is the ump screwing with his rhythm?
  • Strasburg smokes two consecutive 98 MPH fastballs by Garrett Jones. Second strikeout of the game.
  • Wow. 81 MPH breaking ball with insane movement to strikeout Delwyn Young, his third consecutive strikeout.
  • Strasburg gives up an opposite field single to Andy LaRoche on a fastball. He's human, I guess, but so was Gandhi.
  • 0-2 count to Ronny Cedeno with LaRoche on first. Let's see how Strasburg pitches from the stretch here.
  • An 89 MPH changeup, and he gets Cedeno to strikeout.
  • That was his fourth strikeout of the game. In two innings. I'm not sure he can keep this pace up, but then again, I'm not sure he can't, either.
  • The crowd goes nuts every time Strasburg throws a strike, and is even louder for strikeouts. It looks like several thousand of them are standing for his pitches, too.
  • Nats are still ahead, 1-0.