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Despite Strasmas, Nats Are Still Second-Class Citizens

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I know D.C. is a football town. Everyone in the city bleeds burgundy and gold and loves to reminisce about Sammy Baugh and Darrell Green. But you would think that with everyone and their mother celebrating Strasmas, that the Nats would finally have a chance to outshine the Redskins. Not so according to Steinberg:

The Post's Redskins blog got more traffic than the Nats Journal yesterday. Seriously, screw that.

Now, I may have not been paying close attention (something I am wont to do), but did anything happen yesterday with the Redskins that warranted more traffic than Stephen Strasburg? Did McNabb throw a spiral 103 MPH? Did Albert eat anyone? (Ok, well he decided to do his job. Whatever.)

I know baseball doesn't have the same kind of traction as football does in this town. But I would encourage all the Redskins fans to stop reading about Devin Thomas' budding modeling career for one moment, and pay attention to the fact that Washington might have the best young hurler since Sandy Koufax taking the mound every five days.