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TFLN: Strasmas Edition

By now, many of you may have heard of, visited, or been featured on the popular website, Texts From Last Night.

The premise is quite simple, yet brilliant. Users post often crude and embarrassing text messages they either sent or received the previous night. Nine times out of ten, the subject of the text or the reason for its existence hinges upon the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol.

As you might imagine, these messages are always wildly entertaining.

In a similar fashion - save for the binge drinking, for the most part - the SB Nation staff compiled their own list of TFLN from Stephen Strasburg's extraordinary debut. They are featured below the jump.

  • (301): btw, I think ryan doumit has the first mlb case of "strasburg flu"
  • (240): this is the only time i've ever considered running on the field and making out with a player. and i'm totally sober.
  • (303): 11 k'ssss???
  • (202): is the nat's stadium gun known to be particularly fast or something???
  • (619): ima tattoo strasburg on my doodle.
  • (202): what should i be more excited about, strasmas or delino deshields jr. being drafted 8th overall?
  • (484): randy johnson 2.0.
  • (713): strasburg just gave up a home run to delwyn young. finish the bottle.
  • (301): he makes it look like a f***ing video game.
  • (713): ahem - doing the obligatory "stephen strasburg wife" search as we speak.
  • (703): right now he's under paid.
  • (202): i'm sitting literally 6 seats over from the guy who just caught strasburg's first home run allowed. IDIOT.
  • (202): i wouldn't exactly refer to myself as a baseball "expert," but he looks good as sh*t.

And finally, what I regard as the cream of the crop:

  • (202): this just can't be real. it's like i'm discombobulated, floating in a sea of magic pelicans.

What about y'all? Any ridiculous TFLN? Leave 'em in the comments section.