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Reebok Thinks John Wall Is Worth Almost 13 Blake Griffins

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John Wall's shoe deal is worth $25 million over five years, an insane sum of cash for a player who not only has yet to play an NBA game, but has yet to sign his first contract or even be drafted by a team. Yahoo Sports reports that Blake Griffin's shoe deal with NIke was worth $400,000 annually and that Brandon Jennings got $2 million out of high school from Under Armour. This deal tops both, big time.


Wall's first year salary in the NBA will be less than his shoe deal. Should that be right? I would be worried if I were the Wizards. If a player is making more money selling shoes than playing basketball, it makes one wonder where his priorities are going to be during the season.  


Look, I realize Reebok wants Wall to take over from Allen Iverson as the face of their product, but what if he is yet another Wizards' draft bust? He is being given a kings ransom and no one really knows what he'll do in the NBA. This isn't Kobe or Lebron here. Wall is good, but is he that good? $5 million a year good? Really?  


Talk about putting all your eggs into one basket there Reebok. Let's hope he's worth it.