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Morning Commute: How Can NBA Free Agency Affect The Wizards?

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It's July 1 -- the basketball apocalypse. By this time next week, the landscape of NBA basketball will be different, and nobody has any idea how we are going to get there. LeBron, Wade, Bosh, and a host of other top tier superstars (no, not you, Carlos Boozer) can start updating their Wikipedia page with new teams starting today.

The Wizards (either fortunately or unfortunately depending on what path you want the team to follow in its re-build) will likely not be involved with any of the big names. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be paying attention. They might not be changing much themselves today but the Wizards will certainly be facing teams with a lot of new players next season.

As you know, the Wizards play in the Southeast Division with the Magic, Hawks, Heat, and Bobcats. The Heat, as you may have heard, have the potential to add LeBron James and Chris Bosh to a re-signed Dwayne Wade which is, well, unfair. The Hawks seem to be on the verge of re-signing Joe Johnson to a max contract that they will come to regret in about 12 months.

These moves are by no means set in stone, and it's a full week until these guys can actually put pen to paper, but as a member of a division in flux, its a good idea for Wizards fans to pay attention to whats going on around the NBA this summer.

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