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Trent Williams Hires Ben Dogra To Be His New Agent

Trent Williams is agentless no more. According to Pro Football Talk, Trent Williams has hired Ben Dogra to fill the void left when Williams fired Eugene Parker in June. He also re-signed Vincent Taylor, who was part of of Williams' representation agreement with Parker.

As we understand it, Taylor has strong connections to Williams' family, but Taylor brought in Parker given the stakes and the complexity of the deal.  But Williams concluded that he and Parker "weren't a good fit."

So even though Taylor technically was fired because Williams was required to cancel the entire representation agreement, Parker was, as a practical matter, the only agent fired.

Dogra is part of the CAA representation firm, which now has seven first round picks; including the first overall, Sam Bradford of the St. Louis Rams.

Maybe now we can put this all in the rear-view and work on signing a contract before training camp. Sound good? Ok, thanks.