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Andre Carter Encourages Albert Haynesworth To Stop Complaining

Redskins defensive end Andre Carter recently lent an interview to, and it wasn’t long until the topic of conversation shifted to Albert Haynesworth, Hogs Haven.

“I can’t really speak on [behalf of] Albert. We have moved on as a team. If he shows up he has to prove to us he is back for the organization and not all about him…He would have to leave the BS at the door”

Hopefully, this whole Albert Haynesworth situation can galvanize the rest of the team, so that when the Skins do get rid of Albert, the team will have strong chemistry in his absence. Carter continued, via Dan Steinberg.

All I know is I have met random fans and they are PO’d about Big Al so I wouldn’t be shocked if they took those emotions to our open practices.

If Albert does make it to training camp, the fans reaction will certainly be a sight to see. I’d expect Philadelphia-like behavior on that day.