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John Wall Is Fast, But He's No Trevor Booker

The Wizards begin playing in the Summer League tomorrow, which means the team's latest additions are beginning the process of developing chemistry with one another. The player that everyone has to make sure they adjust to is John Wall, since he'll be running the point and since no one wants to start off on the wrong foot with the player who is going to be the face of the franchise.

That means everyone better get used to running sprints, because as you've no doubt seen and heard, John Wall can be very blur-like at times. Everyone, that is, except Trevor Booker, who can actually slow things down a little bit, according to Michael Lee:

Wall is known for his speed, but he isn't the fastest player on his own team, with rookie Trevor Booker recording a slightly better time in the three-quarter court run at the NBA combine. 

If you're hoping that Wall will use this slight to demonstrate his competitive spirit, you'll be richly rewarded after the jump.

Wall won't be able to challenge Booker to a footrace to see who's fastest at the moment, but Wall says once he's 100%, it's on:

Booker has already said that he's faster than Wall, so it will be interesting when those two have a race to settle things. "Once it's back healthy," Wall said of his groin, "I'll give him a run and see what it's all about."

Best case scenario: Wall wins the race and becomes the unquestioned leader of the team after asserting his dominance.

Worst case scenario: Someone has to outrun if there's ever going to be an alley-oop on the fast break, right?

Either way, the race can only lead to good things for the Wizards. But let's face it, it won't be able to hold a candle to Barkley vs. Bavetta: