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Williams Talks To Reporters About His Medical Situation

Details are leaking out slowly about Mike Williams' blood clots which could sideline him for the season, due to the serious nature of the situation, but from all reports, Mike seems to be taking the news about the situation well.

According to Chris Russell, he still has hope that he'll be able to return to football this season:

Other quotes from #Redskins OG Mike Williams that he gave approval "I'm not dead" and "If I get 100 % cleared, Im going to play football"

Russell also tweeted that Williams "sounded terrific" which is a very encouraging sign.

Kelli Johnson from CSN Washington also talked with Williams and had this to report:

Talked 2Skins Mike Williams,he's doing well;out 6 mnths w/blood clots n lungs;Disappointed but n good spirits as usual;health most important

It looks like the Redskins are taking an extremely cautious approach to Mike Williams' situation, which is probably best for everyone involved. It looks like there is still some hope that Williams can get back on the field this season, but don't expect to see him on the field unless the Redskins are beyond 100% sure that Williams is completely healthy.