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Should John Wall Change His Twitter Handle?

The most anticipated decision of the summer was made last month when John Wall elected to wear No. 2. Now there's a new question that's been burning all of us: Will he change his Twitter handle?


Wall wore No. 11 when playing at Kentucky last year, hence his Twitter handle of @jimmywa11. Pretty clever, right?


But now that his jersey number has changed, he may want to consider changing his account name on Twitter to match it. The problem though is that his name is just too damn common, so Wall won't be able to do the normal athlete thing and just go by @johnwall (like @drewstoren) or @johnwall2 (like @chrispontius13) because those names are already taken.


My suggestion? Kick it old school. Like Roman times old school: @johnwaII and @jimmywaII are both available. (Those are capital i's if you can't tell.)