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Report: Mike Williams Could Be Out For The Season Due To Blood Clots

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Jason Reid is reporting that guard Mike Williams will miss the entire 2010 season due to blood clots near his heart. There is concern that Williams' clots could create a serious issue if he plays this season, according to Reid's sources:

Williams, projected to compete for a starting spot at right guard, was hospitalized recently because the problem, the team sources said. Although Williams has been released from the hospital, the organization is concerned that his condition could be career-threatening and likely will keep him off the field for at least the upcoming season, which gets underway July 29 when the team begins its first training camp under Coach Mike Shanahan.

If Williams is indeed out for the season, the Redskins would likely turn to Artis Hicks to fill Williams' position at right guard. Hicks started three games in Minnesota last season before signing in Washington during the off-season.

The Redskins have made several moves to improve their offensive line during the off-season, which make them better equipped to deal with this blow, but it's still not the news they would like. We'll keep you updated on any news regarding changes in Mike Williams' condition and if the Redskins plan on signing another player to bolster the offensive line.