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Rizzo Discusses Options Regarding Dunn's Future

Following the Nationals' 6-2 loss to the San Francisco Giants today, General Manager Mike Rizzo spoke to the media once again about the possibility of the team dealing Adam Dunn, who is in the final year of his current contract. Rizzo implied that the team has taken three options into account: trade him, extend him, or just let him play out the remainder of his contract in Washington.

According to Ben Goessling of MASN:

Rizzo said his first preference would be to extend Dunn. "But like I said, we have to keep our options open to trade him if it impacts the club," Rizzo said. "The third option is to keep him throughout the season and have him perform admirably for us like he has in the first half."

Rizzo went on to also discuss the future of Josh Willingham, the young outfielder who also happens to be in his final year of arbitration. Goessling reports that Rizzo was much less abstract about his desires for Willingham, saying that he "is part of the family, and we want him here long-term."